Manganum presents a new collection of unique backgrounds for Google Chrome's new tab created by DeepMind.

Visualising AI images overview

Manganum, the Chrome extension that allows users to access productivity tools easily, now makes your workflow brighter with DeepMind's images — the artwork aiming to visualize the groundbreaking advancements in AI through art.

Earlier this week, DeepMind launched Visualising AI — a new art initiative to make AI more inclusive through imagery. The project is a collaboration with a wide range of artists to create a library of open-source imagery that explains basic AI concepts to a general audience through art. The artists explore various topics, from AI safety to robotics and digital biology. Vincent SchwenkWes CockxRose PilkingtonKhyati TrehanTim WestChamp Panupong Techawongthawon, and Nidia Dias are kicking off the project. The first installment of Visualising AI was presented on Unsplash

Manganum brings this stunning imagery directly to your Chrome's new tab.

Manganum demo of Visualising AI backgrounds collection

Manganum founder Uladzimir Yankovich said:

One of the central and most difficult tasks in work on Manganum is the constant search, selection, and delivery of unique backgrounds for our users. We try to find images that are not only beautiful but have some meaning behind them. And Visualising AI content is precisely that case! I am pleased to present these images as a collection of wallpapers for our users. 

Try it for yourself. Manganum with new inspiring wallpapers is already available in the Chrome Store.